Our values

A patent usually results from several months of research and shall be considered typically over the next 5 to 7 years.

In this context, our values are trust, commitment and availability.


Trust can not be decreed. It must be earned. It shall be reciprocal.

We envision relationships over the long term.

As soon as the preparation phase of a patent application, we anticipate as much as possible the years to come and the procedures in the desired states to increase your chances of success.

As such, we like to act as an internal consultancy to bring our expertise closer to your concerns.


We like to know our customers, understand their business, their specificities.

As soon as possible we love working with our clients to optimize the protection sought.

We like to commit ourselves, recommend a solution and provide an opinion, positive or negative, about the chances of success.


Your interests may require high responsiveness, as we strive to be available at any time to discuss a situation, imagine an alternative and support your development.

This is the case for instance for a fundraising or a response to a tender.